DVBA Spring Season Registration 2024

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Rebelz Registration Fee at June 2024

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Payment Plan Options and Voucher Codes

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Rebelz Payment Plan Options

Payment is in full at registration to the Club at the start of the season.
This is paid via the Play HQ website with debit or credit card.
  • Offsetting fees can be done with a voucher code allocated to you by the Club.
  • A voucher code can be issued if a current Debit Success payment plan is in place.
  • Payments can be spread out over time with a Debit Success payment plan.
  • No cash will be accepted by Club officials.
  • No partial payments will be taken.

Payment Plans via Debit Success

Payment Plans allows fee payments to be spread out over the season. Direct debit is weekly or fortnightly from a nominated account.
$20 Establishment fee applies.
A dishonour fee applies.

Cancellation fee is the full amount of the balance owed.
Player/s must still be registered to Rebelz for the Spring Season 2024 via Play HQ.
A PlayHQ Voucher will be provided to allow registration.
See Voucher Code for Play HQ section below.

Click on the Debit Success Link to setup an account

Payment Plan must be maintained to ensure the player membership remains active. Lapse of payments may result in the players’s deactivation in the Mill Park Rebelz section of Play HQ. A deactivated membership due to lapsed payments can be reactivated by payment of outstanding fees. The No Pay, No Play policy will apply until outstanding payments are met.


Voucher Code for PlayHQ

To be allocated a PlayHQ Voucher
Once you set up a Payment Plan with Debit Success, please forward the Payment Agreement Confirmation email to
A Voucher Code will be emailed to you within 3 days to reduce your Play HQ Club Fee to $0



Does the club Handle Registrations?

Registration is no longer handled by Rebelz Basketball Club and MUST be performed by a parent, guardian or player over 18 years of age.

Do I need a Play HQ Licence?

You will need an active Play HQ licence for your player.
Play HQ licences cost $29 for Juniors and $43 for Seniors for 365 days and allows a player to join with any basketball club or league in Victoria.
Licence fee is applied when a player is registered into a club and playing in a season.

How to add a player to an existing Play HQ account

When can I Register a player/s?

FULL FEE $345 AFTER 1st JULY 2024