Playing Next Year – Autumn 2021

After a very disappointing year, we are all looking forward to the coming Autumn 2021 season starting in February next year!

Registration will open in the next week or so, once all details are sorted out.

This will be done via PlayHQ, the Basketball Victoria app.

You will need to have an active Play HQ account. If you signed up for one last year, this will still be active as the 365 day membership has been extended substantially to account for inactivity due to the restrictions. New players registering to Play HQ will need to pay the PlayHQ licence fee (about $25 I believe). To sign up to PlayHQ go to:

This was handled by the club in the past but MUST be done and paid by the players/guardians from now on.

Thank you to all those who have already emailed to advise their intention to play – I cried tears of joy when those emails started coming in!

If you haven’t already done so, please email to advise your player’s interest and their date of birth so we can begin planning.

Registration Fees for 2021:

Door fees are being scrapped! 

All venues are going cashless due to Covid restrictions with respect to cash handling. This means the stadium entry fees are now being passed on to the clubs via substantially increased game (scoresheet) fees. The benefit for our players and families is that no door fees will need to be paid each week, saving you looking for cash on the day. These are taken care of up front in the registration fee.

Our fees have had to increase to cover this cost upfront. Technically our fee has remained the same and increased game fees/door fees are incorporated.

Fees for season 1 2021 will be $280/player.

Unfortunately at this rate the club will still only just be able to cover the per player costs (games fees, team registration, training court hire etc). No sibling discount will be able to be offered. The playing up fee will also be a full fee rather than the previous $50.

Refunds for failed 2020 seasons:

The Committee met this week and considered how to compensate for the failed season(s) last year. It was decided that each player would be entitled to a refund of all monies paid over $100.

  1. if $190 was paid, refund would be $90.00.

If $170 was paid (sibling discount) in 2020, refund would be $70.

This can be claimed as a cheque or as credit to the coming season’s fees.

Please advise how you wish to claim your refund by emailing as one of the below 3 options:

  1. Request a cheque –  please email advice with detail of who the cheque should be made out to. If you would like the cheque posted, please advise postal address.
  2. Credit to next season –  to offset against the coming season’s fees, please also email to advise you would like the refund credited to the Autumn 2021 season.
  3. If no email is received by the end of grading games in Autumn 2021 season, it will be assumed that you are wanting to donate your entitlement to support the club in which case, thank you!

Get Active Kids Voucher Program

You may be eligible for a $200 voucher to assist with cost associated with being in sport. To learn about this see

Details and eligibility criteria are expected to be available early next year.

Payment Plans will still be offered via Debit Success

To spread out the cost of playing over the full season, please email to set up a payment plan – set up fee applies.

Unpaid 2020 Fees:

If you have outstanding unpaid fees from Autumn 2020 season, these must be paid ($100) prior to playing next season, or to be granted transfer to another club.