Terms & Conditions

Registration to the Club via PlayHQ indicates agreement to abide by all the Club’s policies as available here.

  • New players MUST provide a copy of their Birth Certificate or Passport within ONE WEEK of registration. Registration will not be considered complete without this information. Player membership may be affected by not providing this. To do this, a clear complete photo of the document can be emailed to secretary@millparkrebelz.com.au or sent by text to
    0418 373 223.
  • Team App – It is a condition of membership that you use Team App. This is how all club communications are done. If you do not use Team App you will miss out on important information.
  • If the player has played with another WCBA team in the last 2 years this MUST be disclosed so that transfers can be arranged where necessary. Failure to do so will compromise membership and may result in the player being billed for monetary penalties applied to the club.
  • New players must purchase a Rebelz Sponsored uniform – shorts and top. To do this please contact Fiddes Direct
    15/24 Brand Drive, Thomastown
    Phone: 03 94641721
    Email: fiddes@fiddes.com.au
    Minimum requirement is a reversible playing singlet and playing shorts.
  • Team lists will be announced on the Mill Park Rebelz website/Facebook and Team App prior to first training for the season
  • If you have any queries, please contact your Team Manager.


Throughout the season, there may be occasions where players will be photographed or videoed. This includes, but is not limited to game day, team photos or special events. Players will not be named. Publication may occur on website/Facebook page/promotional material/Team App. If you do not consent to this please directly email communications@millparkrebelz.com.au to advise. Registration via PlayHQ without such an email is taken as consent.


Registration to the Club via PlayHQ implies the following is agreed to – if  you do not agree, an email must be sent to communications@millparkrebelz.com.au to indicate this.

I/we agree to indemnify the Club and associated Committee members from and against any claim for damages which may arise from the player’s participation in any activity or function associated with the team’s preparation, training or game schedule. The parent will further authorise the Committee of the Mill Park Rebelz Basketball Club, or delegated official, that in the event of any accident or illness – and after exhausting all reasonable attempts to contact a parent/guardian – too obtain all necessary medical assistance and hospital transfer as is appropriate. The parent(s) agree(s) to indemnify the Mill Park Rebelz Basketball Club against all doctors fees, ambulance fees, hospital accommodation and any other associated expenses which may arise from the provision of medical treatment, and further agrees to indemnify the Mill Park Rebelz Basketball Club against any claims which may be brought as a result of the provision of that treatment.