U12, U14 & U16


TRYOUTS for Summer Season 2023/24

Summer Season Start Dates: 7th October 2023 to 30th March 2024
First Training Starts: Monday 2nd October

Tryout Date

Sunday 10th September – 1pm till 4pm
Online registration will open on this date as well

U12 Boys & Girls – 1pm
U14 Boys & Girls – 2pm
U16 Boys & Girls – 3pm

All age groups from existing teams whether staying in your current age group or going up should attend the Tryouts so that coaches can assess your position for gradings for the coming Summer Season.


Tryouts are held to assess players’ abilities and development. This allows the club to form teams so players are placed with like players or to challenge them to level up.

U8s, U10s, U18s and U20s don’t need to try out as they are assessed during the first couple of weeks of training.

Please wear your Rebelz top if you have one so coaches can identify you better on the day. Otherwise wear a distinctive top so we can talk about you!
Bring a basketball, drink bottle and a great attitude!
New players welcome to attend.

Club admin will also be present so you can ask questions if needed.

Please make sure you are ticked off on the list as having attended as tryouts attendance is looked on favourably.
If unable to attend, but would like to express strong interest for consideration in placement on a team, please email


Eligibility to play in the Junior Domestic Competition will be determined by the player’s age as of 31 of March 2024. 


Age Group  Bottom Age  Top Age 
U8  2019 2016 
U10  2016 2014 
U12  2014 2012 
U14  2012 2010 
U16  2010 2008 
U18  2008 2006 
U20  2006 2004 


  • Four (4) rounds of grading (see calendar) 

  • U10 – U20 will play finals (Semi Finals, Preliminary Finals & Grand Finals) 

  • U8 will not play finals 

U8 U10 U12
Ball Size 5 5 5
Free Throw Line Advance of Short Line Short Line Short Line
3 Point Line Short Line Short Line Short Line
Time in Key N/A 5 Secs 5 Secs
Ring Height Lower Normal Normal


U14 U16 U18/U20
Ball Size 6 Girls 6 Boys 7 Girls 6 Boys 7
Free Throw Line Normal Line Normal Line Normal Line
3 Point Line Normal Line Normal Line Normal Line
Time in Key 3 Secs 3 Secs 3 Secs
Ring Height Normal Normal Normal