Respect every individual involved in the game, including teammates, opponents, coaches, referees, officials, and the game itself. Uphold sportsmanship and fair play in all aspects.


Strive for excellence in everything you do on and off the court. At training and in games. Set high standards, work hard to improve, and always give your best effort.


Embrace the spirit of unity and camaraderie among all players. Support and uplift each other as part of a strong and inclusive community. Look after each other, have each other’s backs, especially when the pressure is on.


Bring enthusiasm, passion, and energy to every training session and game day. Approach each opportunity with a positive and energetic attitude with a willingness to learn, grow and develop to your very best.


Lead by example both on and off the court, during training and in games. Inspire others through your actions, communicate effectively, and demonstrate integrity and respect for all of those involved.


Maintain a calm and composed mindset, fostering positive and peaceful emotions. Stay focused and resilient in the face of challenges, striving for excellence in all circumstances, whether you win or lose and at the end of the day, have fun!

Go Rebelz!