Hi All,
Please see the latest statement from the WCBA today regarding entrance to venues.
We are seeking clarification regarding requirements for the first three grading games as some venues may still require vaccination regardless.
Best regards, Madonna and the Mill Park Rebelz Basketball Committee

WCBA statement – Thursday 25/11/21

Good morning everyone,

As you are all already aware that this new season starts on 4th of December and we will be playing the first 3 grading games before the x-mas break, we will then resume back on 5th of February 2022.
I have attached the season calendar which also includes next winter season 2022 (please note winter calendar may be subject to change depending on circumstances)

At our junior domestic committee meeting on Tuesday night we discussed a number of topics and one of them was WCBA vaccination requirements.
As I am sure you are all aware that different associations and stadiums have different rules depending on a number of factors like venue & council restrictions etc.
But the majority are requiring mandatory vaccinations.
Our decision was to follow Basketball Victoria’s recommendation and move to All patrons over 12y + 2m to be double vaccinated by first round 2022 (5th of Feb 2022)
The decision was made so that we could allow teams and clubs the opportunity to talk with players and parents before finalising and organising teams.
This will give those parents and players time to be double vaccinated before the season resumes after the Xmas break.
We also would like to note that it’s possible that we will hit the 95% double vaccinated in January and these restrictions may no longer be in place and if that is the case then none of our unvaccinated players would miss out on starting the competition from December.

I hope this clears up the confusion around vaccination requirements and alleviates some of the stress this has caused clubs, players & parents.
Our decision was made in the best intentions of all involved but most importantly our players.
We hope that we can begin this season with positivity and have a great year in 2022.
We appreciate your support & patience in what has been such a difficult year for everyone.

Thank you

Kind Regards,
Simone Brown
Competition Administrator
Whittlesea City Basketball Association