Hi All, hope you’ve all kept well!
With the restrictions not eased as much as hoped, we are unable to finish the 2021 season just yet. It will be finished though!

Please be aware that all players are now needing to play in the final game for the Autumn 2021 season on SATURDAY JULY 10th (last weekend of the school holidays).
We are enquiring about whether a training session can be held next week and will advise when we know.
Finals will be held in the two weeks after this (July 17th and July 24th) and then the following season will commence straight away the next week (July 31st). See “GAME TIMES” section of the website and latest post in Team App.

U10s have their Semi-Final on Saturday July 10th and hopefully a Grand Final on July 17th.

With delay of the coming season, registration will not open now till Thursday 24th June.
This is to allow time for some families to get payment plans set up if needed and for us to allocate voucher codes to these families. If you are thinking of using a payment plan, please ensure this is put in place up this week, and you have obtained a Play HQ voucher code from me to allow you to register when registration opens.

Tryouts will also be delayed.
They are likely to now be held on Sunday July 11th but this is yet to be confirmed. Please watch here and on Team App for messages about this.

New players wishing to join the club should contact Communications@millparkrebelz.com.au ASAP in case we need to request or action transfers from other clubs.

If would be helpful if you are not participating in the coming 2021 season to let us know. This aids in planning and allocation of players to teams utilising all team spaces. If you are able to let us know by emailing communications@millparkrebelz.com.au that would be greatly appreciated.

Keep well, keep fit, keep bouncing and we’ll see you soon!