Rebelz teams who have progressed to Finals are:

12.B1 – D grade – 3rd on ladder
12.B2 – D grade – 4th on ladder
12.B3 – C grade – 1st on ladder
14.B3 – B reserve grade – 2nd on ladder
14.B4 – D grade – 1st on ladder
14.B5 – D grade – 2nd on ladder
14.G1 – D grade – 6th on C/D ladder
14.G2 – D grade 7th on C/D ladder
16.B1 – B grade – 1st on ladder
16.G1 – C grade – 4th on ladder
19.B5 – C Reserve – 6th on C/CR ladder
19.B6 – B grade – 1st on ladder

Semi-final is Saturday – July 31st.
Times and venues will be updated on PlayHQ fixtures soon.
Unfortunately no training this week.

At this stage, the Grand Finals for those who through will be Saturday 7th August.

Games for the following season are anticipated to recommence on Saturday 14th August.
Team lists and training times should be out next weekend.