Hi All Rebelz Coaches!

Thank you for offering (or being convinced!) to coach this season! It is appreciated more than you know. Your efforts with the kids and your commitment for a long season are big things that reflects your values and we are impressed.
For those who are new to this – welcome!  Coaching youth sports can be frustrating, draining, thrilling and rewarding. We hope it is more of the latter than the former!
Newbies please check out the resources we have here: https://www.millparkrebelz.com.au/coaches-resources/
Just be aware that some of this is out of date eg WCBA Bylaws have been updated or are in the process of being updated. We’ll get the most up to date version added here when possible.
Newbies (and any others conscious of not having done so!) please make sure you fill in the attached forms and return to me by email.
Also, all coaches – please make sure you register yourself as a coach to the competition. This is now required so that the WCBA dn BV have access to your WWCC credentials.
Link  to register: https://www.playhq.com/basketball-victoria/register/e8c870 – make sure you select Coach. No cost required.
I have taken the liberty of adding your emails here so that you can contact each other in case you need assistance with cover for games. If you are unable to attend occasionally and hoping someone can assist by covering for you, this may be a means of contact. I would also suggest a What’sApp or similar messaging group. If someone would like to set one up and invite others to join the group so you can message each other for situations like this, by all means go ahead.
When we have some other coaching resources arranged, we’ll be in touch with you to advise. We have some equipment that can be used for training (bibs, but haven’t yet got access to somewhere to store it at the stadium – working on it! If we come up with a solution we’ll let you know.
Coaches tops – must say I’m not sure what stock Fiddes has of these tops. If you’d like to attend the Fiddes store to arrange or be sized for a Rebelz coach top, please do so. Might be worth a phone call first so you’re not going bacl and forth if they are limited in stock. We will advise Fiddes of coaches names who can be provided with a top.
Lanyards – WWCC cards.
WWCC cards must be worn visibly when in venues where you are coaching. I have some Rebelz lanyards. Coaches under 18 must have a supervising adult with a visible or readily available WWCC card sitting on or very near the bench. Please let me know if you don’t have one and I’ll arrange to get one to you when possible.
Team managers – for teams with no team manager in place, please see if you can suss out the parents and suggest someone for me to approach. It’s not easy managing it all yourself and getting assistance is the best option. Please help me help you!
We are trying to arrange coaches clipboards and markers. Will let you know when we have these!
Thank you all! Welcome to it and please be in touch with Anthony, Shaun, Eugene or me if you have a question or need anything.
Best wishes for a great season!
Madonna (and the Committee)