We are now about to commence grading games for the Summer 2014 Season!!  This season we have 19 teams registered with the Mill Park Rebelz: 
Team Coach   Team Manager  
U8 mixed Rebelz 1 Sosaia   Rachelle  
U10G Rebelz 2 Monique   Janice  
U10B Rebelz 3 Luch   Rachelle  
U10B Rebelz 4 Anthony   Jennine  
U12G Rebelz 5 Ian   Sasha  
U12G Rebelz 6 Oly   Cassandra  
U12G Rebelz 19 Amani   John  
U12B Rebelz 7 Craig   Aileen  
U12B Rebelz 8 Rob   Michelle   
U12B Rebelz 9 Mena   Mena  
U14G Rebelz 10 Sara   Aileen  
U14G Rebelz 11 John      
U14B Rebelz 12 Luch   Jo  
U14B Rebelz 13 Matt   Esther  
U16G Rebelz 14 Aileen   Aileen  
U16G Rebelz 15 John   Sharron  
U16B Rebelz 16 Rob/Sam   Scott  
U16B Rebelz 17 Andrew   Angela  
U16B Rebelz 18 Craig      


We had a very successful Winter 2014 Season, with six of our teams making the finals one winning their Grand Final!!!  Well done teams!!!



Your Team Manager will create a scoring roster for your team for the season, so that the job of scoring is shared around evenly.  If you are unsure on how to score, there is a how-to located on our website:

Download it and have a read – it’s quite easy once you know how!  Otherwise, get to the game early enough to get the clock and do the buttons!!


Good luck to all our players, coaches, team managers and supporters for our biggest season yet!!  If you have any questions throughout the season, please don’t hesitate to see your Team Manager or someone from the committee.  Go out, play your best, but most of all have fun!  GO REBELZ!!!



Did you know we have updated our website to contain helpful information and also started a Facebook page, we hope you will find these two forums useful as we attempt to keep our club members up to date, you can find the two sites here:



We are Actively looking for volunteers to be Team Manager or Coach for some of our teams for this season.  Experience is not necessary.  We are also hoping to organise a Coaching clinic this season for all new and existing coaches to attend.  For more information, please see Aileen!! 



Our Annual General Meeting will be held on the 8th September 2014 at 7.30pm in the Stadium foyer.



There is a non-refundable $50 deposit for each player (per team played) that should have been paid by now. All remaining monies MUST be paid (or payment plan in place) by the end of grading games which is Saturday 22nd Febuary 2014. Please see below for our payment schedule, depending on the number of children from one family playing:
Total fees for one child $170
Total fees for two children $300
Total fees for three children

Subsequent children



Please see your Team Manager if you are experiencing difficulties in paying off your fees.  All uniform payments must be paid by the above date.  Please see Mena for uniform payments. 



Merchandise order forms will be sent with welcome letters before the start of next season.

If you require a new form you can download one from the website at:


By signing up to the Mill Park Rebelz Basketball Club, it is expected that players are committed to our club.  This includes attendance at ALL trainings and ALL games.  If you are unable to attend, please contact your Team Manager ASAP!!  It is also expected that ALL parents be available to score on game days.  Your Team Manager will organise a scoring roster so that it is shared evenly.  Any questions/concerns, please see Aileen.