Thank you so much for your hard work and handling of the teams this season. It’s been incredibly appreciated. Without your input the club can’t run and the kids can’t play.
For those who are going through to Finals – congratulations!
Please make sure you check the Team App message about who is in Finals as you may have thought you’d not gone through but unexpectedly have! Teams in a reserved grade who were 5th-8th on the ladder are in the reserve grade finals.
Please make sure you know all your players are qualified (have played 7 games or have a provided medical certificate for exemption).
For U10 – U19 Semi/Prelim finals each team will need to provide a scorer but there will also be a referee allocated to the score bench. For U10 – U19 Grand finals teams will not need to provide a scorer which means all parents are able to watch the game. An official WCBA scorer and referee will be allocated to the score bench for all grand finals.
Loyalty vouchers for subsidy of next season’s fees
Any player who played more than 3 games in the Spring/Summer 2022 season will qualify a loyalty voucher worth $30 to be used when paying for the Winter 2022 registration. Each team has a voucher code to be distributed to all players. I’ll send you the code individually to pass on to your players. Please only pass it on to anyone who indicates they’re returning next season. If you know particular players are definitely not coming back please let me know.
Please put this message out to all your players:
Hi All,
Registration for Winter 2022 opens on Wednesday 1st June at 4pm. The link will be available on the website and will be advised via Team App email.
The full fee is $420 as it’s a much longer season. But you are elegible for a $30 voucher to bring it down to $390. If you’re coming back and will register I can give you the voucher code.
Once it’s set up, email and you’ll be given another voucher to allow you to register.
Tryouts for U12s (1pm), U14s (2pm), U16s (3pm) are next Sunday 5th June at Mill Park Stadium. If you need help registering, or have any questions, Madonna will be at Tryouts and you can ask her there if needed.
Many thanks,