Hi All,
Please see the below communication from the WCBA (Whittlesea basketball Association).

Good afternoon everyone,

Unfortunately due to misinterpretation regarding vaccination requirements I need to inform you all that my previous email regarding this was incorrect and at this stage we do not require anyone over the age of 16 to be fully vaccinated to enter sporting facilities unless we are informed otherwise by Whittlesea city council. Keep in mind that this could change at any given time.

DHHS ruling on Open Premises exempts Community Sport from the need to ensure patrons are double vaccinated and of having a Covid Check-in Marshal, under Part 4 Clause 29 (2) Exception for Community Sport.

The BV Guidelines that we are operating under (Green-50) allows us to have one Spectator/Parent/Guardian per player this will ensure that we meet the capacity requirements also under this ruling.

We can confirm that we no longer have to have:

Covid Check-in Marshalls
Double Vaccination Over the age of 16 as it is not mandatory
Masks must be worn unless you are playing, coaching or officiating in a game.

Our sincere apologies for the confusion this has caused and if anything is to change I will keep you all informed.

As for Grand Final games, we are still aiming to have this played this coming Saturday 13th of November and we will have fixtures finalised by tomorrow and I will send out another email regarding this.

We also will need assistance as discussed before the last lockdown so anyone who had been organised to assist previously will be contacted as soon as possible to finalise rosters. I also need to ask for clubs to arrange bench scorers for the grand finals games please.

Kind Regards,
Simone Brown

WBCA Competition Administrator (Junior Domestic Competition)