Our club wouldn’t be where it is today without the support and generosity of many capable, hard-working and dedicated volunteers working across all areas of our wonderful club from week to week.

Whether it’s coaching, team-managing, secretary or taking up a role on our committee, there’s always something to do in our club. Volunteering has the potential to also open doors towards increased professional development or even employment, so you’ll gain experience and insight while assisting the many facets of the Mill Park Rebelz Basketball Club.

If you would like to become a volunteer, get in touch with our President Shaun on
0409 210 539 or touch base with our lovely and wonderful Secretary Nicole via


You won’t regret the decision.

Why Volunteer

Most Community sport organisations operate as not-for-profit organisation which relies heavily on the generosity of volunteers to be able to deliver a full range of basketball activities. Being a volunteer means you get involved in a great family environment while helping to deliver the sport of basketball to the Community.

The junior and youth clubs and associations across the country require the greatest amount of volunteers, and they are crucial to helping create a life long passion and engagement in the game. We truly appreciate everything our volunteers do for us, and we acknowledge that our sport would not be the success story it is, without their help.

How Do I Volunteer

A game cant go ahead without a referee and if you choose to go down that route you can receive support from mentors and experience staff and be involved in Basketball Competitions all year round.

If you want to become a coach, it can be one of the most rewarding volunteer roles around as you make a positive impact on a young players development in the game.

You might just want to become involved at your local club or association and fill one of the many crucial roles that happen week to week from scorer to Manager to Uniform organiser!

If you would like to become a volunteer, get in touch with our President Anthony on 0412 126 544 or touch base with our lovely and wonderful Secretary Madonna via communications@millparkrebelz.com.au

Club Positions

Vice President
Uniforms and Merchandise
Coach Liaison Officer
Fundraising Manager

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Phone: 0409 210 539