Welcome back to our REBELZ families and to new REBELZ players and their families who will be joining us in 2018. We also extend a very special welcome to the players and families previously part of the Redleap Raiders who have come across to join us.
The purpose of this communication is to provide some information about our club and its operations for ongoing and new families.

Redleap Raiders Merging with REBELZ in 2018

The Redleap Raiders are one of the oldest domestic basketball clubs in Mill Park. We acknowledge the hard work of the club’s founders and its most recent president, Rene. The Raiders have made the decision to merge with REBELZ, primarily due the Raiders’ low numbers and viability.

On Tuesday 19th December, Raiders families were invited to the staduim to hear from REBELZ representatives and Rene. There was the opportunity to ask questions about the merge. Key points presented included:
• REBELZ will aim to keep existing Raiders teams together.
• Tuesday night training times will be transferred across to REBELZ and made available to the ‘Raiders’ teams as much as possible in order to provide continuity
• New REBELZ uniforms will be purchased for Raiders players coming across to REBELZ out of existing Raiders funds.
• REBELZ fees are very similar to Raiders fees and will be payable to REBELZ.
• We will be looking to acknowledge Raiders down the track by incorporating a small logo and/or splash of red on the REBELZ uniform – subject to approval by the association.
• REBELZ are keen for Raiders coaches to come across to REBELZ to continue coaching.
• Raiders parents are strongly encouraged to be part of REBELZ committee so that the new players have a voice.
• REBELZ and Raiders share similar guiding principles i.e.: fun, fitness and participation.
• While we acknowledge this is a sad time for families associated with Raiders, it is an exciting opportunity to form a larger club.

On Wednesday December 27th, Rene attended a REBELZ Committee meeting to discuss team selection, dates, transfers and training times.
We are certain all REBELZ players and families will join us in welcoming the new faces at our club.


If you have not done so, please register now. We want to finalise our team lists as soon as possible, and register the appropriate number of teams in each age group. Go to the REBELZ Website and follow the prompts under the Information TAB to register. www.millparkrebelz.com.au


Fees can be paid electronically, in cash or by cheque. We are also able to organise payment plans for families. The
final date by which fees must be paid – or a payment plan organised – is Monday February 26th. After this date, the
player will not be able to take to the court to play a game until the fees are paid or payment plan has been entered
into. Jenny is our Treasurer. If you would like to speak with her in person about payment plans, she will be at the Mill
Park Stadium on Monday 29th January and Tuesday 30th January after 4.00pm.
If you have any general questions about fees, please send an email via the website or email

The Committee

Without a committee, clubs cannot function. All committee members are volunteers and donate their time to make
the club better for all. Our committee meets once per month – usually on a Monday evening.

Our current committee is as follows:
• President: Anthony Dionis
• Vice President: Suzanne Mastropaolo
• Treasurer: Jenny Hanrahan
• Secretary: Madonna Smit
• Fundraising: Jo Beradi
• Communications: Oly Dionis
• Registrations/Team selection: Luch Beradi
• Uniform/Merchandise officers: Not filled
• General committee members: Ray Heathcote, Gerard Hanrahan

We would like more parents to join the committee and put their hands up to either help with or take on a
responsibility. We do have a lot of fun, but, more importantly, we make decisions that affect the club which takes
time and effort.
Please contact us if you would like to join the committee and/or take on a responsibility. It’s a great way to get to
meet new people, have a say, and contribute to your community.

Training and Games Dates

• The first training sessions will commence on Monday January 29th and Tuesday January 30th.
• The first grading games for the season will be on Saturday February 3rd.


Uniforms for new players will be available during the training sessions on January 29th and January 30th.
The cost of the uniform is $90.00. This includes shorts and a reversible top.
Players coming across from Raiders will not have to purchase the uniform. One will be bought for them through the
Raiders funds.
Parents should report to the foyer during their training session to organise and purchase a uniform.
Players new to REBELZ and not from Raiders will need to purchase the uniform.
Please note that we do not currently have a committee member taking responsibility for uniform, so please let us
know if you are interested.


REBELZ runs various fundraisers throughout the year. Funds raised go towards off-setting costs for parents, trophies
and presentation day/night.
The annual Bunnings BBQ in Term 4 is always very successful and we look forward to parents volunteering to help.
If you have ideas and some time to help with organising fundraising activities, please contact us.


All clubs need coaches, and our club is no exception.
If you have thought about coaching but are concerned that you need some guidance, REBELZ is putting in place some
training for those who are new to coaching or need a refresher.
Please contact us if you would like to coach a team. Your kids, and everyone else in the team, will appreciate it.

Team Managers

Each REBELZ team has a Team Manager.
The Team Manager:
• Texts the team members each week with the details of the game time and place
• Relays messages from the team to the coach
• Advises the team regarding changes to training times/walkovers etc
• Communicates information about fundraising/events
• Organises a scorer roster

### Team Managers do not have to make any payments to the stadiums on behalf of the club as this is all done via
lump sum by the treasurer. ###

The new teams that have come across from Raiders will need to have a team manager so please consider stepping
up to do this important role as it supports the coach and the families.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact.

Kind regards,

Mill Park REBELZ Committee