Hi Rebelz Families!


As you may have seen, the next WCBA basketball season will be a longer one than usual. It will be terms 3 and 4 this year and extend into term 1 next year also.
It will be called Winter 2022 as this is when it commences. It’s an unusual season as it will have 24 standard games rather than the usual 15-17 games. Much more game time to make up for lost time over the Covid period.

Also, the seasons will continue after this as true Winter and Summer seasons. This format comes into line with other competitions and has plenty of benefits for players who engage in other sports too.
A benefit for families is the fees not being due around the Christmas/summer holidays which is often a stressful time financially.

The Committee discussed this at the last meeting and have costed a longer season at $420 per player. This will be the fee for new players but prior members will have a loyalty discount available. Any player who played more than 3 games in the Summer 2022 season will qualify for the subsidy. Detail about how to claim this will follow soon.

Payment needs to be made in full when registering for the Winter 2022 season, however we offer payment plans which have been well taken up last season. Once a payment plan is commenced, a voucher for PlayHQ will be provided to allow registration. The payment plans are still under construction for Winter 2022. They will be available by the time registration to our club opens.

Some age group changes are also being considered.

Players will age up into the next age group based on their date of birth at 30/4/23.

Not 8 before 30/4/23 – U8s Winter 2022
Turns 8 before 30/4/23 – U10 Winter 2022
Turns 10 before 30/4/23 – U12 Winter 2022
Turns 12 before 30/4/23 – U14 Winter 2022
Turns 14 before 30/4/23 – U16 Winter 2022
Turns 16 before 30/4/23 – U18 Winter 2022
Turns 18 before 30/4/23 – U20 Winter 2022

NB U18s and U20s age grouping is new and may revert back to U19s dependent on numbers

Mill Park Rebelz runs tryouts for internal grading for U12, U14s and U16s to allow players of similar skills to be placed together.
Tryouts will be held on SUNDAY 5th JUNE – Mill Park Stadium, Crts 3&4
U12s – 1pm
U14s – 2pm
U16s – 3pm
If you need help to register, come along on this day.
Please wear your Rebelz top if you have one on the day. If you don’t have a Rebelz top yet, please wear another distinctive top so the coaches can talk about you!
U8s/U10s/U18/U20s are graded through the initial grading games or by coaches prior knowledge.

Coming from another club – TRANSFERS
If you are coming to Mill Park Rebelz from another club, a transfer needs to be arranged prior to Saturday 30th July. Please make sure we know if you have played with another club before so we can make this happen.

Short version:
• Next season is a long season – Term 3, 4 AND Term 1 next year.
• Next season is called Winter 2022.
• First game – July 16th 2022
• Grand Final/Gala Day – Sat 1st April 2023
• Summer break – no games 17th Dec-28th Jan
• No games Sep school holidays (24/9, 1/10, Cup Weekend, Labour Day Weekend)
• 24 GENERAL GAMES IN THE SEASON – woo hoo! (prior seasons had about 13-17 general games)
• More games = more sheet fees, more training sessions = more court hire costs, higher costs to club so higher season fees – costed by club for Winter 2022 – $420 per player.
• Season fee subsidy $30 available to prior players – all who were registered with the club for Summer 2022 and played more than 4 games in that season (medical exemptions apply) – fee for prior members $390. Details of how to claim loyalty subsidy will follow.
• Payment plans will be updated and promoted – more families likely to take these up (I certainly use them!)
• Date of birth cut off for Winter 2022 – 30/4/23
• New age groups – U18s and U20s
• Tryouts – Sunday 5th June – U12s 1pm, U14s 2pm, U16s 3pm – Mill Park, Crt 3 and 4.
• Transfers from another club must be done before 30/7.