See below message from the WCBA (Tues 23/11/21):

Hi All,

There have been a few enquiries regarding the vaccination policy for the WCBA Domestic competition and we are currently reaching out to venues in regard to their vaccination policy.

If the Venue has commercial enterprises within the building such as Epping YMCA and they cannot separate/isolate the community sport then they will fall under the 12 years & 2 month vaccination rule.

If the Venue is used solely for the Community Sport then the venue may be entitled to an exemption from the vaccination rules under DDHS ruling 5.

We are also still waiting on a couple of the schools to come back to us on whether they require us to check Vaccination records. Again as you may be aware parents need to be double vaccinated to enter into schools during school hours but there is no direct ruling for after school hours use of facilities other than the Community Sports ruling which does not require checking of Vaccination.

So in short we are at the discretion of the Venue operators, however we will have one rule that will cover all venues, once we sort out which rules each of the venues are going to run by we can inform clubs.

My aim is to have this out to clubs by this weekend at the latest.

David Hughes
WCBA Chairperson

Whittlesea City Basketball Association
Mill Park Basketball Stadium