We are looking for volunteers!!!!


Mill Park Rebelz has now been operating for 6 years and has grown from 20 players to over 140!!  We are financially secure and have more teams than ever before!  A growing club needs a growing involvement from parents!!


We need parents/friends to become involved in the running of our club, and to have a say in decisions regarding your children’s chosen sporting activity.  We are looking for people who may have new ideas in advancing our club, and also how to invest into your children’s improvement and enjoyment in the game.  Meetings are held monthly and responsibilities (if shared around) will be minimal.  We are also looking for volunteers to become Coaches and/or Team Managers.  Full support will be given and coaching courses will be offered when available.


Our Annual General Meeting will be held on 18th August 2015 at the Mill Park Basketball Stadium, and we will be electing a new committee at this time.  Make sure you’re there to have a say.


Your kids would love you to be involved in their sport!!


If you have any queries, please approach Aileen, John or Oly.  We will be happy to give you more information.